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Our farm is beautifully nestled among Wielbark, Jedwabno and Szczytno which are well known for their tourism attractions (lakes, forests) for individuals keen on outdoor activities. The farm features very convenient location which enables various forms of active leisure. We have time, dedication and appropriate tools to introduce you beauty of the Masurian nature. Neighbouring landscape protection areas, wildlife, nature monuments and the Natura 2000 programme guarantee unforgettable moments in the middle of nature. There are 3 stork nests on the farm which will bring even closer our guests to surrounding nature.

Full list of attractions:

Canoe & kayak touring with or without full board
We have 12 brand new kayaks and a rowing boat to go down the river or the pond.
The touring takes place down Omulew river, which is a right inflow of Narew river with total length of 114 kilometres and river basin area of 2 053 km2. The river features natural wilderness and landscape values for smooth canoeing trips. The river flows through Masurian and Kurpiowska Plains in Warmian-Masurian and Masovian voivodeships. The riverhead is located below Koniuszyn lake, but it is canoeable for kayaks from Omulew lake. The river flows into Narew in southern part of Ostrołęka and is inhibited by a large population of beavers. The touring is easy even for the beginners – despite the beavers’ activity along the river and well marked. The upper parts of the river constitute two reserves: Koniuszyn I and Koniuszyn II.


Fishing paradise
Fish pond and Omulew river are perfect places for fishing. Within a range of 6 kilometres there are other lakes: Głęboczek, Konik and Rekowo also available for fishing, swimming and sunbathing .

Fishing Fishing

Sleigh parties
There are sledges and sleighs that can be pulled by a tractor. In future there will be a horse for pulling the sledges and also riding.


Bonding events, family meetings and others
We provide party and event supplies for fist communions, name and birthdays, New Year’s Eve and other parties. We also offer home-based food supplies (eggs laid by hens on our farm).


Mushroom picking and fruits of the forest
Surrounding woods offer variety of mushrooms and fruits of the forest such as wild berries, and raspberries.


Hiking and bike trails
The woods offer year-round pleasures for outdoor activities including hiking and biking routes. There are 6 bikes available for our guests.

siezki szlaki


Playing pitch
The farm is situated on a 2-hectare area so there is plenty of space for playing football on a pitch equipped with 2 goals, basketball and volleyball pitches to follow soon as well.

”Leśniczanka” restaurant offers a variety of delicious meals that feature local cuisine specialities.